Duty of Candour Policy

At Queenborough Dental clinic we pride ourselves on maintaining the highest of standards and putting our patients first.

We want our patients to be completely happy with the treatment and care they receive  within our clinic , discussing all aspects of their treatment before it  starts so that they understand their options, including the potential benefits and any risks, allowing them time to make decisions about the treatments required.

Our duty of care to our patients means that we are open and honest with our patients on all aspects of their treatment.

This means that at if anything goes wrong whist carrying out a patient’s treatment we will:

  • Tell the patient (or, where appropriate, the patient’s advocate, carer or family) as soon as we realise something has gone wrong with their treatment
  • Answer any questions the patient may have  fully and honestly
  • If a patient makes it clear that they do not want to know the details, we will respect their decision. However, we will let them know that they can have further information later if they change their mind.
  • Raise any concerns we have about a patients safety
  • Apologise to the patient (or, where appropriate, the patient’s advocate, carer or family);
  • Offer an appropriate remedy or support to put matters right (if possible); and
  • Explain fully to the patient (or, where appropriate, the patient’s advocate, carer or family)
  • The short and long term effects of what has happened.

We also undertake be open and honest with our colleagues, employers/employees and relevant organisations, and take part in reviews and investigations when requested, also be open and honest with our regulators, raising concerns where appropriate, support and encourage each other to be open and honest and not stop someone from raising concerns

Our aims are to:

  • • Put patients’ interests first
  • • Be honest and act with integrity
  • • Offer an apology and a practical solution if a patient makes a complaint

If you would like to make a complaint about any aspect of your treatment, you can report your complaint with our receptionist Joanne Strange, who will work with the practice principal to try and resolve your complaint, alternatively you can contact:

 The General Dental Council        37 Wimpole Street London W1G 8DQ +44 (0)20 7167